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The AZ360 HRIS Modernization Project is resuming video recorded business process demonstrations. The purpose of the business process demos is to provide agency leaders, HRIS power users and other subject matter experts a comprehensive and detailed look at what the planned AZ360 functionality and processes will be.

The business process team leaders who are conducting the demonstrations are identifying and inviting specific agency power users to attend and provide feedback. In addition, agencies are welcome to work with their project Agency Captains to involve other interested leaders and staff. 

Most demonstrations will be presented twice (there is no need to attend both) and they are video recorded and made available on the AZ360 project website for later viewing and reference. 

Questions? Please use our project Feedback Form.

Project leaders expect to appear on the May Information Technology Authorization Committee (ITAC) agenda for consideration of the proposed new Phase 1A implementation timeline. 

View a sneak peek video recording of the planned AZ360 Deductions functionality.

Agencies are again reminded to use the Outside Systems form to alert the Project team of any planned projects or activities that could impact the AZ360 planning or decisions.

Due to extended data conversion efforts, the project Phase 1A completion deadline of September 2024 cannot be met. Project leaders expect to announce a new timeline soon.

Configuration and Conversion

System configuration activities, including unit testing, for remaining To Be processes are expected to be completed this spring. Many key transactions have completed conversion and verification with remaining conversions to be completed by mid-summer.

Integrated System Testing

IST, which began in October 2023, has been extended through late spring 2024. 

Interfaces and Outside Systems

The Project’s Technical Team continues its efforts to complete verification of agency-specific shared interface files. The Project Team also periodically surveys agencies to identify current or potential agency projects that will or possibly could impact AZ360 HR before the Project’s completion. 

Business Process Demonstrations

The Project Team is awaiting announcement of the new Project timeline before resuming these popular video presentations of proposed AZ360 HR functional workflows. 

Train-the-Trainer Program

The in-person Train-the-Trainer (TTT) program is temporarily on hold until configuration is completed. While design of the training program continues, the Project’s Training Team awaits completion of system configuration to prepare specific training materials. Communication with volunteer trainers from the agencies is ongoing. Thank you to the volunteers for your continued support and availability.

Project leaders announced in early February they will be proposing a new timeline for Phase 1A completion. The overall project schedule has been in RED status for several months, and while mitigation has helped improve velocity and throughput, leaders determined it has not been sufficient to meet the September 2024 go live date. Project leaders must gain approval before a new timeline can be shared. For now, Sept 2024 remains the target go live date.

System Configuration and Testing

System configuration and unit testing for the remaining To Be processes will continue through the rest of spring. IST has been largely successful, with the project team completing roughly 340 test paths. Remaining IST activities will continue as time and resources permit.

Business Process Demonstrations

Business Process demonstrations will resume pending approval of a new Phase 1A project timeline.


The in-person Train-the-Trainer (TTT) program is temporarily on hold awaiting deliverables from other project team members. The TTT Program dates will be communicated with State Trainers and Agency Captains soon.

Functional workstream teams had to test approximately 345 distinct scripts during the four month Integrated System Testing phase. Entering the final four week sprint that closes Feb. 9, there remain about a tenth, or fewer than three dozen, to close. IST has been a great success with the teams accomplishing what they set out to do. Now the teams move on to progressively more detailed testing, with Business Process and project-level User Acceptance Testing (UAT) scheduled between now and early June. 

Data Conversions 

The project’s data conversions are taking longer than expected, which is causing a ripple effect of delay that is affecting other project areas as resources are being diverted and concentrated on the conversion activities. Agency Captains were notified before the holidays that they could expect outreach from the project’s Functional Team members for assistance and support with these conversions. This outreach will still occur but likely not before March-April.  

TTT training program postponed

Training is one of the areas affected by the resource diversion. The project’s Training Team originally had targeted February - March 2024 for in-person train-the-trainer sessions to prepare State Trainers to train all agency power users before implementation of AZ360. However, the training team is awaiting deliverables from other project team members for our planned activities to proceed. A new TTT training date is TBD.  

The HRIS Modernization Project is halfway through Integrated System Testing! IST is where the workstream teams test their To Be processes from beginning to end, including security workflow along with various technical functionality. While IST is underway, the teams are also busy writing test scripts for the next major testing stages, Business Process Testing and project-level User Acceptance Testing, both of which begin in February.

Business Process Demonstrations are Underway!

The first two demonstrations showcased AZ360 HR navigation and the proposed Position Control functionality. There is a dedicated Web page <https://az360.az.gov/business> where you can find video recordings of these demonstrations. Demonstrations are currently scheduled through February.

Training Update

The Project team has robust instructor-led training planned for the roughly 1,200 future AZ360 system power users.  The team’s train-the-trainer (TTT) program begins in January with onboarding activities to introduce the 15 volunteer State trainers to their role. Training materials for TTT are being developed, and the actual TTT program is scheduled to begin in late February. User Acceptance Tester (UAT) training will be leveraged as part of the TTT program allowing State Trainers to observe and deliver training before power user training.


The first four-week Agile sprint interval involving Integrated System Testing, or IST, ended this week. IST is where each workstream team tests their To Be Processes from beginning to end, including business roles, security and workflow, as well as technical components like interfaces. IST is a major milestone within the project’s overall testing plan, with nearly 400 IST main and alternate paths to be tested during the four-month period that concludes Feb. 9, 2024.

Business Process Demonstrations Coming Soon!

The project’s Functional workstream teams begin Business Process demonstrations Nov. 29 with the first featuring a basic overview of the planned AZ360 system navigation. These virtual demonstrations offer agencies their first opportunity for an in-depth view of the proposed enterprise-standard solution the project team has been working to configure in the AZ360 platform. Agency leaders, HRIS power users, and subject matter experts get to see for themselves what AZ360 functional capabilities are going to be and how processes may be different going forward. View the demonstration schedule HERE.

A pivotal phase of the AZ360 HRIS Modernization Project began Monday, Oct. 23, 2023, with the start of Integrated Systems Testing (IST), which runs through Feb. 9, 2024. IST focuses on the flow of each To Be business process within a single workstream, from beginning to end, complete with business roles, security and technical functionality. There are nearly 400 IST paths to be tested in this four-month window involving various entry and exit points along the workstream paths.


There's now a video available on the HRIS Resources page that highlights what you can find on the AZ360 website.


The upgrade to the state's central accounting platform, AZ360 FIN is now complete. The upgrade was launched on Oct. 17, 2023. Visit the GAO website to access the system's log in.

The AZ360 HRIS Modernization Project team is driving toward a major project milestone, beginning Integrated System Testing (IST) in late October. Up till now, the team has been doing unit-level testing, where various individual functional and technical workstream transactions have been tested in isolation within the newly configured To-Be-Processes (TBPs). In IST, each workstream team will test TBPs from beginning to end. IST runs through late February 2024. There are nearly 400 IST paths to be tested in this four-month window involving various business roles and entry and exit points along the workstream paths.

Functional Pages on the AZ360 Website
We've created a Business Processes page on the AZ360.az.gov website with links to the Functional areas to explain AZ360 features and improved functionality. The Position Control and Personnel Management pages have been published with convenient links to the video recordings for your power users and SMEs. As the Functional Team leads continue offering sneak peeks and business process demos, we will continue to publish pages for additional functional areas.

AFIS Upgrade to AZ360 FIN
A significant upgrade of the AFIS central accounting system is nearing completion. System cutover is scheduled for the Columbus Day holiday weekend and with go live on Oct. 10. Going forward, AFIS becomes AZ360 FIN, part of one comprehensive and integrated Financial and HR/Benefits/Payroll system on a single AZ360 platform. 

The AZ360 Financial (formerly AFIS) upgrade is less than 60 days from the projected go-live date. Project team members are adding the finishing touches to the application environments and finalizing the cutover plan. Cut-over training will begin soon. 

The HRIS Modernization Project has reached the mid-point of Sprint 7, which started in late July. The delay in completing the work necessary to begin Integrated System Testing has pushed the start of IST to late October. (IST involves testing of full business processes, including business roles, workflow, security, and technical functionality.) Mitigation activities, including team reassignments and improved tracking tools, are underway as project leaders continue to closely monitor the schedule and resources.

The AZ360 Project’s Configuration & Development Phase, begun in February 2023 and slated for completion in August 2024, is where the project teams are building out the proposed enterprise standard business processes of the new AZ360 HR application. The work proceeds in four-week sprints, with teams learning capabilities of the new system’s functionality as they go and configuring the system for the standard business processes.

Much of the activity is extremely detailed and exacting; teams build, test, and adapt various test cases until they ensure everything works like it is supposed to before moving on. There are hundreds of these processes to be worked through, and the near-term goal is to complete a sufficient number of configurations by early September to enable Integrated System Testing to begin.

During IST, multiple test cases in a given functional area - complete with business roles, security and workflows - are strung together and tested to surface gaps or other issues so they can be corrected.

View a video of our Personnel Management “sneak peek” demonstration, presented at the July 18, 2023 Agency Captains’ meeting.



If you’ve been waiting for a chance to see what AZ360 HR is going to look like, you’re in luck!

The AZ360 HRIS Modernization Project team has begun sharing sneak peek demonstrations of the new platform’s features and functionality. The sneak peek demos focus on business areas and highlight main processes and features.

The AZ360 Position Control workstream was featured at the June 13 Agency Captains meeting, with future sneak peeks planned: Personnel Management at the July Agency Captain meeting; Benefits and Deductions in August; Time and Leave in September; and Payroll in October. More detailed looks at each business area are planned to begin with Position Control in September with a broader audience.

Click HERE to view a recording of the AZ360 Position Control sneak peek.




As per the Project timeline, Phase 1A is a third of the way complete. All three work streams - Functional, Technical, and Organizational Change Management (OCM)/Training - are engaged in four-week sprint cycles to complete their work. The Project's Align Phase ended May 5, with a few of the more complex business areas wrapping up remaining Align activities.

The overall project is in Yellow status due to resource and scheduling considerations, which project leaders are working to resolve. The Instructor Led Training development schedule is completed and early development activities are underway. The Testing Plan is in progress and is scheduled to be completed next month.

Check out the Training Plan!

The Project's Organizational Change Management Team finalized the Project’s Training Plan on March 31. Click here to check out what is in store for training! 


Developing "To Be" Processes

The HRIS Modernization Project Functional Teams (Position Control, Personnel, Timekeepers, Benefits, Deductions, Payroll, Payroll Accounting, Time & Leave) are building out business functionality for the AZ360 HRIS application in a production environment.  Currently, all Functional teams are expected to have designed the “To Be” process flows for their respective business areas by the end of April. This work is focused and extremely detailed. They are basically building a new system from the ground up as part of Configure and Develop activities.


Designing for User Experiences

Meanwhile, the Project's Technical Team is designing forms, interfaces, reports and analytics, as well as assembling the system security plans. They also are creating the testing environments for the Functional Team sprints.

What are Sprints? 

The Project Team is using a Hybrid Agile Project Management Approach, where the teams work in chunks of time called “sprints.”  For the HRIS Modernization project, each sprint lasts four weeks, during which the Technical, Organizational Change Management (OCM), and various Functional teams complete sets of defined tasks according to State specifications, test those configurations against the specified requirements, and then adapt as needed until standards are met. Sprints allow them to build a piece of the system, test it, and confirm it is working as expected before starting the next sprint. 

The Project’s first sprint ended on March 10. The sprint focused on the process and function of Position Control which includes activities like creating a requisition for a new position, making changes in position status, and completing other position actions.

The Project's second sprint began March 13 and will continue progress in the functional area of Position Control as well as introduce configurations for Personnel Management.


Introducing the AZ360 Website! 

On March 1, 2023, the AZ360 Project Team launched this website - AZ360.az.gov - to keep State employees informed about what’s happening with the both parts of the AZ360 System Implementation - AFIS  Financial System Upgrade Project as well as the HRIS Modernization Project. Eventually, this site will become the portal from which employees will login into the new AZ360 Financial and Human Resources System. In this meantime, this website is designed to help employees understand the changes to come and how those changes will improve the way to work and use the new system. The website offers many features, including ways to learn more and ask questions about what’s ahead. 


Project Status 

Overall, the AZ360 HRIS Modernization Project is on track to complete the overall Align phase activities in early April with some team members already working on Configure and Development activities.