Payroll Accounting Management


The Payroll Accounting Management (PAM) process provides a link between AZ360 Human Resources Management (HRM) and AZ360 Financial (FIN). PAM shares payroll accounting information from HRM with the financial system (FIN) for proper accounts to be debited and credited using system coding and employee accounting data.

The purpose of the PAM process is to facilitate payroll accounting by posting AZ360 HRM’s payroll transactions and cycles to AZ360 FIN. The first step in the PAM process begins in AZ360 HRM by calculating pay, tax, and deduction amounts. The payroll cycle creates the data input for PAM which is then integrated into AZ360 FIN. After a payroll cycle, PAM processes the payroll details, distributes them within AZ360 FIN based on assigned accounting attributes, and then updates payroll accounting journals. PAM then creates payroll accounting transactions that are submitted in AZ360 FIN. Payroll accounting transactions contain all relevant accounting details for payroll and include transactions that post expenses, liabilities, net pay amounts, and initiate additional processes like generating vendor payments.