Benefits Processing features within AZ360 provide administrators the ability to manage employee benefits and maintain COBRA coverage and activities. AZ360 also gives administrators the ability to define eligibility rules, create and maintain dependent profiles, enroll employees in benefits programs, link employee deductions to employer contributions, manage employee beneficiary designations, provide tools to meet COBRA and HIPAA requirements, and set up cafeteria plans.

Employee Benefits features within AZ360 HR allow employees to enroll themselves into established benefits programs, establish employee dependents, and enroll dependents into benefits programs.




Benefits features include:

  • AZ360 HR allows administrators to set up benefit programs in which employees can enroll themselves
    Administrators can define employees’ dependent profiles in the system to enroll dependents into benefits programs in which the employee is enrolled
  • Employees can create a new dependent profile, modify an existing dependent profile and delete dependents in the system
  • COBRA benefits management allows for 18 and 36 months timing requirements through the use of tables, which allows different stages to be defined as well through the COBRA activity monitoring logic 
  • HIPAA benefits management provides certifications for employees and dependents losing benefits coverage due to HIPAA triggering event


  • AZ360 enables administrators or employees to enroll an employee and/or an employee’s dependents into benefits programs in one transaction by gathering all related information for an employee’s benefits in one page 

  • Employees can save and modify selections when enrolling in benefits through open enrollmentThe Benefits Summary Landing page provides a carousel where administrators can select the tasks you want to accomplish related to benefits such as:

    • View benefits and deduction summary*

    • Manage benefits

    • Manage dependent profile*

    • Manage dependent coverage

    • Manage beneficiary designation*

    • Manage deductions

    • Manage ACA information*

  • Employees can view the Benefits Summary Page, which allows them to view the information noted with an * in the list above