Payroll and Deductions management within AZ360 provides comprehensive payroll calculations. The system supports unlimited state-defined pay, leave, deduction, and reimbursable expenditure categories. The system executes sophisticated payroll processing, which is controlled through state-defined table entries. To maintain, but also improve the accuracy of payroll data, AZ360 provides the ability to run a preliminary payroll, prior to completing a regular payroll process. 

Preliminary payroll is a trial run of the Statewide payroll prior to final payroll processing. The preliminary payroll process includes calculation verification, using pay and deductions assigned to the employee. After each run, the results of the run are reviewed and any errors corrected. 

The Deduction Management (DEDM) activity folder allows Payroll personnel to easily perform deduction-related actions by presenting all of the necessary pages together in one place. Personnel can view Net Pay Distribution (direct deposit amounts, tax information, miscellaneous deductions, one time deductions, and employee deduction parameters. AZ360 also provides the ability to view information pertaining to an employee’s retirement (pension) plan and retirement (pension) deductions on DEDM on the Employee Pension Profile Details established by the PENS transaction.




Payroll features include:

  • Automated accounting using labor distribution details
  • Automated calculations for the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and premium pay, like shift pay
  • Approval of payments
  • Calculates one time deductions on the Pending Deduction (PDED) table after a One-Time Deduction (OTDED) is approved
  • Distribution of payment and deposit pay stubs associated with Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payments of net pay for bi-weekly payroll as well as daily supplemental cycle
  • Online prior pay period payroll adjustments through modification of the timesheet (TIMEI)
  • View of detailed and summary payroll history
  • Online initiation of warrant cancellation or request for warrant replacement
  • Numerous standard and ad hoc management reports and online inquiries
  • Mass changes can be performed by GAO to generate a one-time transaction when it affects a definable group of employees


  • Departments Will be able to enter one time deductions that automated workflow will submit to the General Accounting Office (GAO) for approval, which  removes the need for paper forms like, GAO73A

  • Online-time checks can be issued which allows employees to be paid the same day (mailed to the address on record) or can be marked for the daily supplemental payroll cycle which will result in paying the employee via direct deposit (which may be the next day due to banking windows)

  • Departments can view and print pay stubs 

  • Departments can view and print W-2 for duplicate requests

  • Employees can elect exemption from taxes via the employee pages using the MYW4 transaction (paper forms will be required to be attached)