Business Processes

Many agency business processes will be changing with the launch of AZ360 - the State of Arizona’s modernized HR, Payroll and Benefits data management and services platform. 

Here you can see many of the changes and improvements planned for in the AZ360 HR application. Agency power users will be trained on how to navigate and use the system for daily work. All employees will be provided self-learning training materials for submitting timesheets, submitting leave requests, and selecting benefits in AZ360.

Please use the Feedback form to submit any questions or contact your Agency Captain with questions or concerns.

The Project Team follows a hybrid Agile approach where the team members work in 4 week sprints to design, validate, configure, evaluate, and update system functionality by business process.



DESIGN – Develop and map “To Be” process flows

VALIDATE – Determine if mapped “To Be” process flows address State requirements

CONFIGURE – Build “To Be” process flows to specifications

DEMONSTRATE – Present proposed, configured process flows to agencies for acceptability

EVALUATE – Assess and analyze agency feedback on process flow demonstrations

UPDATE – Adjust process flows where necessary for consensus approval




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