Position Control

Position Control within AZ360 provides the ability to create and update positions. Positions are created using a multi-step process. The first step in the process is to create a Position Status Maintenance (PSMT) transaction to capture required information before it is routed for approval. Positions can contain funding information as well as attributes such as Title, Sub-Title, and Grade. The final step is to create a Position Authorization Maintenance (PAMT) transaction, which authorizes the position to be filled.

Previously, much of this information was entered in paper forms and then keyed into HRIS once approved. In AZ360, the information will be entered in the system and validated using reference tables. This allows users to confirm the information entered is correct before routing for further action.

Once the position is created, approved, and authorized, the position can be filled using the Personnel Management business processes. 



Position Control functions include:


  • Creating new positions and manage existing positions
  • Enabling position attributes, such as title, to be defined at the position level and inherited by the employee, or overridden at the employee level
  • Managing position requests via workflow
  • Managing Position Authorizations to set how many people can be assigned to a position and track how many people actually occupy that position
  • Allowing one position for many employees (temporary only), one position for one employee (permanent or temporary), or one employee to multiple positions (multiple appointments)
  • Establishing default accounting at the position level

The position attributes such as title, subtitle, etc. can be inferred from the position number entered on the employee transaction, and some of the attributes can also be overridden on the employee record.

Some of the improvements seen in the Position Control business area include:


  • Intuitive navigation and customized homepages and business roles provide quick access to most used Position Control pages in AZ360 
  • You can now save work in progress and access transactions to complete data entry later
  • Position attributes previously entered on a pdf form are now entered online in the Position Maintenance (PSMT) transaction allowing for collaboration and immediate validation of entries
  • Attach a streamlined PD document and other supporting documentation to the PSMT transaction
  • Transactions allow a Department (Agency) to be entered, which then allows transactions to be filtered based on user security so you only see relevant information
  • Reduced from 18 to 5 the number of at-will status options available for coding purposes resulting in less confusion and potential for errors
  • Consistency errors around Grade, Minimum and Maximums are avoided because they are inferred from the assigned Title, previously known as Job Code
  • Position Authorization (PAMT) transaction allows authorizing multiple employees for the same Position to accommodate for workers at the State Fair or Pool workers
  • Position transactions can be copied, reducing the amount of data entry when creating a position with the same or similar attributes
  • Organization Chart functionality allows you to view an org chart by position or employees and model org chart changes
  • Avoid inadvertent overallocation (i.e., filling a position with more employees than allowed) by requiring one-to-one employee fill ratio for most created positions
  • HR Liaison and Hiring Manager have access to enter position information directly into AZ360 to ensure that correct values are entered from the beginning of the request to fill process, preventing waste and inefficiency due to keying errors
  • Current and historical PDs are viewed in Position Management (POSM), eliminating the need for a document management system (DMS)
  • Complete mass position changes without having to rely on central HR support using accessible, user-friendly and decentralized system functionality 
  • Filter access to transactions based on user security, so you only see information relevant to you
  • Fast and easy search functionality based on multiple criteria like job title and location