Time & Leave Management

Time and Leave Management business processes include activities related to establishing and administering leave policies and events, setting up donated leave for employees who have run out of their own leave due to prolonged illness, creating timesheets and work schedules, and establishing family medical leave availability and hours tracking.

Time and Leave Management within AZ360 HR also provides the ability to track both “exception-paid” and “positive-paid” employees. Exception-paid employees are judges and elected officials who, because they do not accrue leave time, have their hours worked automatically entered into the payroll system each pay period. All other employees are considered “positive-paid,” meaning they must enter a timesheet into the system every two weeks in order to be paid. In addition to hours and leave, any applicable accounting overrides to a positive-paid employee’s work must also be entered into the timesheet. 




Time and Leave features include:

  • The system allows Departments (Agencies) to generate default timesheets for employees who did not submit and have their timesheets approved before the deadline.
  • Designated proxies may submit timesheet transactions on another’s behalf
  • Individualized work schedules by employees or by positions can also be set up, as well as multiple accounting labor distributions that can be configured to be used by employees on their timesheets
  • Group Timesheets allow for the entry of accounting labor distribution at the group level or individual employee level, and summary hours are allowed


  • Departments (Agencies) can initiate their own uploads of Excel time records using AZ360 defined templates called UPDOCS

  • A “Quick Fill” feature auto populates the same hours into week 1 and 2 onto time records, meaning fewer keystrokes for employees or proxies 

  • When an employee is exceeding a threshold or falling below a leave hour threshold, the employee and manager will receive alerts upon validation of their timesheet on the self-service portals

  • Requests for information or initial leave validation/qualification of Family Medical Leave, Military Leave, Donated Annual Leave and Leave Without Pay can be submitted with supporting documentation via self service and are automatically routed to the appropriate leave coordinator for processing upon submission of request

  • Requests for planned leave should be submitted in advance to the supervisor for approval through the self-service portal
    Supervisors can better manage and document employees’ leave requests and leave balances for their team through the self-service portal

  • Leave usage is deducted from leave balances upon approval of leave requests as well as the timesheet without requiring payroll to process